Some of the well respected barbers among our community who we have sponsored with products in the past and present include:

Mo cutting hair at MoCutz barbershop
Matty Conrad
Matty Conrad

Sponsorship Available:

Forever Fresh is a collective passion among some of the industries best barbers to not only inspire each other within our community, but also to motivate each other to reach our own goals. If you are looking for a way to increase your income while joining our team become  a sponsored team member & start earning extra income while you work. You are encouraged  to apply below & a member of the Forever Fresh Co. will be in touch with you!

We offer an extremely enticing compensation program for all of our sponsored barbers. Earn money while you cut hair by representing Forever Fresh Co. on Social media, in your local barbershop, and telling your friends about us. All of your referred sales are tracked by a unique discount code provided to you upon approval of your application. Simply share your discount code and encourage your local barbers, clients, family and friends to use your discount code upon checkout.


Milestone rewards

Each respective sponsored barber will receive a personally tailored compensation plan depending upon their interests, goals,  and preferred method of compensation. Our rewards system starts at as low as 1 referred customers. Some of our most popular items for reward include:

-Free Forever Fresh Exotic wood custom engraved razor

-100 Free Dorco Prime Platinim razor blades

-  $50-$1,000USD Cash bonus

-3 day Trips to Vegas valued at $1,000 USD



Apply for sponsorship

Theres a few things we want to know about you while we go over your application. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application!

We aim to change the way barbers not only earn an income around the world, but also inspire passion among the barber culture, growth, and determination to remain ahead of the industry norm in business professionalism and customer service.